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why partner with us?

The Safe Student Foundation mobilizes charitable funding from the firearms community and retailers like you to protect children and schools from physical threats and active shooter situations.

Children are our nation’s cornerstone and future to prosperity. Schools are facing escalating threats and unique challenges amid limited resources. The Safe Student Foundation (SSF) is commited to protecting them.

Being a partner of the SSF is free and provides the retailer with the ability to offer its consumers a round-up option at the point-of-sale during final checkout, which then gets donated to the Foundation to protect schools from active shooters and extreme violence.

These contributions power our mission to fortify schools, deliver safety protocols and crucial security training, teach our children and educators, and ultimately, build layers of defensive capabilities.

SSF has three grantmaking initiatives:


  • All aspects of security, from cameras and door-lock upgrades to the build out of secure entrances, weapons detection, turnstiles and other safety designs
  • Requests for officer and security deployment 
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  • Active shooter defense intelligence gathering and prevention
  • Preparedness and response training


  • Training of teachers, administrators and staff in the use of active shooter response using both non-lethal and lethal weapons

join us today!

When you sign up as a participating retailer, you will be helping to secure funding that protects and defends our children and their educators. Join us in forging a safer future for our children and their education.

If you’re interested in becoming a Safe Student Partner, complete the inquiry form below..